User Experience and eCommerce

By alexbeaudin | November 2, 2019

You’ve got a great product, your marketing is perfect, and you’ve got more traffic on your site than you can handle. So why aren’t you selling more?

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Let’s Motor.

By alexbeaudin | October 26, 2019

I bought a car. A new one.

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What is User Experience?

By alexbeaudin | October 26, 2019

User Experience or UX seems like a sort-of jargon-y buzzword that gets thrown when talking about design, conversion rates, KPIs, and ROIs. User Experience is—for better or for worse—exactly what it sounds like, the user’s experience interacting with a product. For some, it’s more long the lines of the ease and simplicity (or not) of…

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i’m just a grille – german edition

By alexbeaudin | February 25, 2019

Just like the others, these are also available on shirts here.

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i’m just a grille – swedish edition

By alexbeaudin | February 17, 2019

I’ve been working on some car-related designs lately. I have them available to be printed on t-shirts and some other products over at redbubble. Click here or hit the ‘store’ link in the menu.

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a truth about truth and fact

By alexbeaudin | January 29, 2019

An overview of the difference between “Truth” and “Fact”.

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car tuning: weight reduction

By alexbeaudin | January 14, 2019

The fastest way to go faster is to lose weight.

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why aren’t there more women in car culture?

By alexbeaudin | December 27, 2018

Why aren’t there more women in car culture? Because men make it hard for women to be involved.

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car tuning: suspension

By alexbeaudin | October 31, 2018

Going fast requires keeping your car planted to the ground.

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old school photo for an old school car

By alexbeaudin | September 19, 2018

Instant photos are pretty fitting for an 80s icon.

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