From User Experience reviews to strategizing your social, web, and marketing presence, I’m here to help.

User Experience & User Interface

UX and UI are incredibly important elements to consider when dealing with customers/users/clients both online and face to face.

User Experience (UX)

UX refers not only to the experience on a website, in includes any face-to-face interactions you have. This experience can make or break your customer relations.

I specialize in UX analysis including strategizing experiment and improvements to your UX to improve your customer relations and your bottom line.

User Interface (UI)

UI refers more to the physical (or virtual) interface that your users or customers use to interact with your brand. A good UI can increase sales just as much as a bad UI can lose sales. Making your UI easy to follow makes it easy for customers to complete transactions as well as making it more likely that they’ll make future purchases.

I’ll analyze and make recommendations for your UI to improve transactions and conversions.

Business Strategy

Strategizing your business will help take a load off of your day to day tasks by having a roadmap to follow—giving you one less thing to think about. Whether you have an existing business or you’re starting a new one, we can discuss your plans and develop a strategy to follow in order to make the best of your business.

Content Strategy

Whether online or in print, your content is how you interact with your customers. Having a good content strategy is the best place to start when creating your user experience, since content is what customers will base their perception of your company on.

If you need a review of existing content or are looking to strategize new content, I will help you put your best foot forward.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Your brand is what your customers connect with. You want to make sure it conveys the right values to your customers and that your customers interpret your brand correctly.

Developing a good identity also requires a good strategy—which will help you know the best way to convey your brand.

Through reviews of analytics, interviews, and surveys we can determine how your existing brand is being received and strategize how to improve customer loyalty. If you’re developing a new brand, we can develop your strategy and identity to ensure your brand gets off on the right foot.