Casking the last batch of homebrew

Today I finally took the time to cask up my last batch of homebrew. It’s been about four (4) weeks longer than it should have been, though tasting it, it wasn’t too bad, even though I pretty much forgot about it for a while.

It’s a pale ale, mashed with 2-row and crystal malted barley, hopped with Pride of Ringwood, Chinook, and Ahtanum hops, and fermented with Mangrove Jack’s British Ale yeast. This batch yielded about 15 liters, which is slightly less than I planned for, but it’s exactly what I should have ended up with.

It’s currently sitting on three casks, otherwise know as 5 liter party kegs. I have an aversion to cleaning and capping more than about 12 bottles at a time, so I’ve begun using the kegs/casks instead. They work pretty well and you can always bottle of growler what’s left once they’re open. They also take about ¼ the amount of time to fill, which is the best part for me. Now, I just need to brew the new batch…

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