lessons learned by being the ‘car guy’

Don’t tell people that you know anything about cars.

If you already told them you do…

  • Unless you’re certified, make sure people know that you’re not certified.
  • You might not be an expert, but everyone will treat you like one. And then tell you you’re wrong.
  • Everyone will pretend they know more than you do, even though they have no idea what they’re talking about.
  • Nobody else cares. It doesn’t matter what its about, they don’t care. Unless they need something.
  • Everyone will ask what you think about their car, a car they like, or a car they want to buy.
  • Nobody will understand why you drive a ‘boring’ car. They’ll ask questions like, “Why don’t you drive x car?”
  • Whatever you like, and for whatever reason you like it, it’s not going to be as cool as their dad/uncle/brother/cousin’s car.
  • “Why don’t you like x car?”
  • “Why do you like x car?”
  • “Can you teach/show me how to do/fix x?”
  • Nobody every maintains their car properly… or at all.
  • You’ll never get to work on your own car.
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