winter driving

By alexbeaudin | January 24, 2018

Winter driving tests even the best of drivers. It also makes the worst ones painfully apparent.

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iPhone X, FaceID, and using your phone in the car

By alexbeaudin | September 13, 2017

I don’t recommend using your phone while driving, but it feels like the iPhone X makes this even more dangerous…

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sleepers: the most boring cool cars

By alexbeaudin | September 6, 2017

They’re fast, they’re surprising, and they’re a little bit boring. Awesome, right?

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the Woodward Dream Cruise 2017

By alexbeaudin | September 1, 2017

The 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise had quite a different feel from previous years.

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upgrading #projectlolvo245’s suspension

By alexbeaudin | August 27, 2017

It took a lot longer than I wanted, but in the end it was totally worth it.

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lessons learned by being the ‘car guy’

By alexbeaudin | July 14, 2017

Being a ‘car guy’ is great. Telling people you’re a ‘car guy’ isn’t always so…

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DiRT Rally crash course ep. 3

By alexbeaudin | April 30, 2017

Nothing says fun like having a few beers, then trying to play a racing game!

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check out this Jeep concept build!

By alexbeaudin | April 20, 2017

Who doesn’t like a Jeep concept vehicle?

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owning old cars

By alexbeaudin | April 15, 2017

The pros and cons of owning old cars.

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DiRT Rally crash course ep. 2

By alexbeaudin | April 13, 2017

Not sucking quite as badly at DiRT Rally…

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